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a day-by-day themed writing challenge
Welcome to 31_days This is your usual prompt challenge community, but the difference here is that each theme corresponds to a specific day of the month and participants have to follow this theme/day calendar when posting their submissions.

January Themes

1. something has tried to kill me and has failed
2. and we will never die, not one of us, we'll go on won't we?
3. your unutterable name, this growl in my throat
4. See this handful of birds I release on the church steps? I do this to remind you
5. You are a phantom in that far-off city where daylight climbs cathedral walls
6. The heart its own rough animal.
7. No one can tell me anything about this radiance.
8. bodies against rock, beached until burning.
9. And what language exists with no word for blood?
10. Fill yourself with the song—sing. Do not sink.
11. my fingers will find yours, tangle & sweeten the air
12. to belong to the river is to belong to the infinite is to call it a god
13. Each night reunites me with the feral tenderness of my own evil.
14. How will you bear living somewhere you don't know yourself.
15. I have always been afraid of what it means to forgive
16. Love is like this; not a heartbeat but a moan.
17. Or perhaps, once one begins,there are only endings.
18. We are covered with stars.
19. a new slick leaf unfurling like a fist to an open palm
20. Want has no business here.
21. learn how to lay me down in something other than danger other than fury
22. I’m the fire unwilling to release them in fear
23. scrape it down to the clean bone unbreaking
24. I could not have burned better or brighter.
25. When I'm alone I lay my weapons down.
26. still unknown to each other & not knowing
27. And stars, which gave us the word distance, so we could name our deepest sadness.
28. I will turn sorry into profanity. Into grace.
29. We were here & looked right into the sun
30. i am burning. i am not consumed.
31. to desire everything and nothing at once and to desire it all the time


1. To reiterate -- you can only post fic for a theme on the day where that theme falls. For example, you'd like to write a fic based on the theme "This red, red moon," which falls on August 22. Even if you've finished your fic days or weeks beforehand, you'll have to wait till the 22nd before you post it.

2. The final day of each month is "Amnesty Day". On this day you can post fics for any previous prompts.

3. No bulk posts, please. Let's say that you plan to write a continuous fic based on Themes 1-7, and you can do that; nevertheless, you'll still have to post each part/theme separately, following the calendar. Only one theme per day.

4. There are no sign-ups. You are free to choose any character or pairing you want. You also don't have to choose just one character or one pairing. If you'd like to write 31 different characters or 31 different fandoms for all 31 days of the month, you can pick and switch as you will.

5. That being said, you don't have to write for the entire 31 days, just whenever you can. Being a member of the community also does not automatically oblige you to participate if you don't want to. However, please note that you cannot post to the community if you are not a member even if you've added the comm to your flist.

6. Genre is an open choice.

7. Ratings may range from G to NC-17 as long as you label your fics properly. Please consult posting format below.

8. Fan art contributions and original fiction are also welcome.

Posting Format

Subject line: please at least put the date you're writing for, and if you're posting an amnesty fic on the last day of the month, put "Amnesty" in there too.

On the entry itself, something similar to:


Please post all fics under a lj-cut.



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Thank you!

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