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a day-by-day themed writing challenge
Welcome to 31_days This is your usual prompt challenge community, but the difference here is that each theme corresponds to a specific day of the month and participants have to follow this theme/day calendar when posting their submissions.

April Themes

1. poisson d'avril

2. April showers bring May flowers

3. sharp like a knife

4. and so it all came tumbling down

5. It's not what you did but what you will do

6. She ran because it was all she knew

7. if you listen closely, even you can find it

8. here comes the ice cream man!

9. he drinks, not to forget but to remember

10. a constellation of freckles

11. she closed her eyes to no avail

12.what is a dream?

13. the return of donuts-bear

14. great, you just killed barbie

15. chop, chop, chop

16. he burned the photos just to be safe

17. a box for your stuff, a box for mine

18. reboot!

19. pray to every god you know and then some

20. and so the night ate the sun

21. I can't swim

22. feathers are heavier than you think

23. say cheese!

24. a small push

25. the buds were starting to bloom

26. and sometimes, the joke was on you

27. an inside joke

28. swatches of colour

29. dye me in your colours, till all I can see is your hue

30. even gods have an expiry date


1. To reiterate -- you can only post fic for a theme on the day where that theme falls. For example, you'd like to write a fic based on the theme "This red, red moon," which falls on August 22. Even if you've finished your fic days or weeks beforehand, you'll have to wait till the 22nd before you post it.

2. The final day of each month is "Amnesty Day". On this day you can post fics for any previous prompts.

3. No bulk posts, please. Let's say that you plan to write a continuous fic based on Themes 1-7, and you can do that; nevertheless, you'll still have to post each part/theme separately, following the calendar. Only one theme per day.

4. There are no sign-ups. You are free to choose any character or pairing you want. You also don't have to choose just one character or one pairing. If you'd like to write 31 different characters or 31 different fandoms for all 31 days of the month, you can pick and switch as you will.

5. That being said, you don't have to write for the entire 31 days, just whenever you can. Being a member of the community also does not automatically oblige you to participate if you don't want to. However, please note that you cannot post to the community if you are not a member even if you've added the comm to your flist.

6. Genre is an open choice.

7. Ratings may range from G to NC-17 as long as you label your fics properly. Please consult posting format below.

8. Fan art contributions and original fiction are also welcome.

Posting Format

Subject line: please at least put the date you're writing for, and if you're posting an amnesty fic on the last day of the month, put "Amnesty" in there too.

On the entry itself, something similar to:


Please post all fics under a lj-cut.



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Questions and suggestions? PM beckonade or comment here.

Thank you!

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