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September Themes

As posted by [personal profile] kb9vcn on the DW comm.

01-Sep-2021 "Packed from end to end with mediocrity"
02-Sep-2021 "He hasn't written since he died"
03-Sep-2021 "Do you know this woman?"
04-Sep-2021 "Brains, the new wonder head-filler"
05-Sep-2021 "I can't. You see... I'm married"
06-Sep-2021 "You dirty rotten swine! You have deaded me!"
07-Sep-2021 "Have some more of whatever you've had too much of"
08-Sep-2021 "Who's holding the bottom of the ladder?"
09-Sep-2021 "I talk to the trees... that's why they put me away"
10-Sep-2021 "I cannot be arrested, sued, disfranchised, blackballed, guillotined, run out, left in bulk, charged, hung, drawn and quartered, or needle-nardle-noo!"
11-Sep-2021 "It is Shangri-La, land of eternal youth, land of purity, no drink, no sex, no sin... and I'm fed up with it"
12-Sep-2021 "A man with a steady eye, a hollow tooth, and a wooden leg"
13-Sep-2021 "Winds light to variable"
14-Sep-2021 "That money must be worth a fortune"
15-Sep-2021 "We can't afford to risk the lives of young idiots like you"
16-Sep-2021 "My knees have fallen off"
17-Sep-2021 "If you'll pardon me, I'll go and prepare your demise"
18-Sep-2021 "Take your filthy hand off my filthy neck"
19-Sep-2021 "What are you doing up there on the ceiling?"
20-Sep-2021 "He's fallen in the water"
21-Sep-2021 "She's got it written down on a piece of paper"
22-Sep-2021 "If you think I'm going to contradict you, you're wrong"
23-Sep-2021 "Let's go and stand over there and get old now"
24-Sep-2021 "Stop doing that disgusting thing and pay attention to me"
25-Sep-2021 "Locked in a darkened harem full of dancing girls. Oh, what a tragedy"
26-Sep-2021 "Silence when you speak to me!"
27-Sep-2021 "We cover ourselves both ways but the wind gets in at the side"
28-Sep-2021 "Elephant au gratin and cement pudding"
29-Sep-2021 "Are you going quietly or do we have to use earplugs?"
30-Sep-2021 "Yes, that was it. The last of them. So bye now"

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