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April Themes

As posted by [personal profile] bookblather on the DW comm.

From my collection of poetry scraps.

1. we believe ourselves infinite
2. the grief at the center
3. undo the folded lie
4. the language of the unsaid
5. even love doesn't enter into this
6. the noisy one who has to say it
7. splendid in new bones
8. a moment or two before your life changes
9. one slow stab of wonder
10. one little room an everywhere
11. vials of ivory and colored glass
12. it was ourselves we were withholding
13. such odd and precise counsel
14. nothing promised that is not performed
15. our uncertain freedom
16. I could believe almost anything
17. to take what we love inside
18. whatever winter did to us
19. sharp and heartless things
20. at dawn in a desolate place
21. exalted because they are useless
22. pay attention, be astonished
23. a tattered flag claiming nothing
24. this shaking keeps me steady
25. holiness is in the hands
26. where prayers cross
27. there are answers that aren't yes or no
28. you say my name like a testimony
29. a ghost to haunt your house
30. these patterns of movement are ancient

1. Poems From An Email Exchange, Hanif Abdurraqib
2. Variation on the Word Sleep, Margaret Atwood
3. September 1, 1939, W.H. Auden
4. The Glass Essay, Anne Carson
5. Happiness, Raymond Carver
6. Trying to Return the Sun, Heather Christie
7. new bones, Lucille Clifton
8. Unexpected Sunset, Kelsey Danielle
9. Stepping Out of Sorrow, Dalton Day
10. The Good-Morrow, John Donne
11. The Waste Land, TS Eliot
12. The Gift Outright, Robert Frost
13. Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude, Ross Gay
14. To Juan at the Winter Solstice, Robert Graves
15. Report from the Besieged City, Zbigniew Herbert
16. After Twelve Days of Rain, Dorianne Laux
17. From Blossoms, Li-Young Lee
18. Instructions on Not Giving Up, Ada Limon
19. Letter From My Heart to My Brain, Rachel McKibbens
20. Departure, Edna St. Vincent Millay
21. Peanut Butter, Eileen Myles
22. Instructions for Living a Life, Mary Oliver
23. The Royal Mile, Jeremy Radin
24. The Waking, Theodore Roethke
25. Self Portrait as Headless John the Baptist Hitchhiking, CJ Salazar
26. Measure for Measure, William Shakespeare
27. Black Telephone, Richard Siken
28. poem where I be & you just might, Danez Smith
29. Guilt, Not Grief, Jeanann Verlee
30. Displacement, Jenny Xie
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