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[June 19] [Silmarillion] Bogeymen

Title: Bogeymen
Day/Theme: June 19; fear seizes all of us
Fandom: Silmarillion
Character/Pairing: Elwing mentions of Sons of Feanor
Rating: T

Elwing knew that to the north lay the great enemy. There was no way she could not. She sat in on council meetings, heard reports of his devastation, and grew up with the refugees of Nargothrond and Gondolin. But to Elwing Morgoth was the only second threat in her mind. Though orcs roamed nearby enough to be a danger, the true terror of Morgoth was distant. Her real bogeymen were more intimate- the Sons of Fëanor. It was them not Morgoth who attacked her first home and killed her parents and brothers. Elwing had been the sole survivor of her family, living only because she’d been smuggled away by loyal servants. Deep in her nightmares Elwing knew they’d be back for her someday.

In Elwing’s eyes the Feanorians were more monstrous then orcs. Maedhros practically was an orc. Rumor had it he was so scarred from his time in Angband that just looking at him made children cry. He was tall as a giant with hair the color of dried blood. Maglor was a much more ordinary looking Noldo. So there was no warning before he spoke and his fey voice enchanted you against your will. Rumor had it he’d held legions of orcs still and spellbound while his men slaughtered them wholesale. The youngest and only other Sons of Fëanor still living were said to be great hunters. They were known to hunt men and elves to keep their skills sharp. Their hair was color of fresh spilled blood. They killed frequently to keep it so and whichever brother had the lighter hair had the most kills.

It was nothing then but inevitable fate the day her nightmares came true, the day they came to Sirion. They claimed to come for their father’s jewel but Elwing knew they came for her- the one that got away. Her feet led her away from them until she was on a cliff a shear drop in front of her and Maedhros behind her. She didn’t believe his lies that all she had to do was give him the Silmaril and they’d leave. They would never spare her.

Later a common debate almost scholars (especially females ones) is how she could leave her children behind. And the truth is she did choose to but not at the point everyone thinks. Later, later she will be forced to make a choice on Eärendil’s ship and then again before the Valar. But as she stood on the cliff she did not choose to abandon her people and city then. Rather confronted with the nightmare that had plagued her since early childhood, she merely gave into her fear. In this terrible moment she wasn’t thinking- wasn’t thinking of her sons, her city or even denying the Feanorians the Silmaril. Instead seized by fear all she wanted to do it get away from her bogeyman and so jumped off the cliff.