June Themes

Sorry for running a little late but here are the June themes! I tried to go with spring/summer themes:

1.  Dog days of summer

2. that blasted heat

3. in full bloom

4. long shadows

5. say goodbye to the past you never knew

6. the sun never sets 

7. midnight music

8. red lights at 3am

9. too hot to sleep

10. water on hot skin

11. fireworks

12. my heart is filled with you

13. toward the sun, you arch and bloom

14. a strangling vine

15. sunflower, rose, iris

16. noon blues

17. hunting season

18. mosquitoes and other pests

19. fear seizes all of us

20. ring, ring

21. down by the bay

22. got to give a little to get a little

23. summer vacation

24. double layered socks

25. she dreams a pretty dream

26. car wash

27. sunset to sunrise

28. a small gas giant

29. closing buds

30. breathe  in the fresh air


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