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[April 14] [The Last Unicorn] Most of All

Title: Most of All
Day/Theme: 14. She didn't want a world of trees and she didn't want a world of stones.
Series: The Last Unicorn
Character/Pairing: The Unicorn/Lir

He had ruined her. She didn’t know whether she blamed the prince or the magician more. In her heart of hearts, she knew it didn’t matter which of them was the more to blame. Maybe the butterfly was the most responsible. They had all done their own unique damage. She wasn’t used to being damaged. Unicorns were perfect and she had been a unicorn. The magician had lashed out with his wild, untrained magic and made her into something else.

Because of him, she had been weak and mortal and dying, inch by inch and day by day. Even now that she was a unicorn again, she was not as she had been. How could she bear immortality now? Watching the seasons pass and seeing the short-lived, short-loved creatures of the forest born and grow and fade and be replaced by their offspring wasn’t supposed to make her ache like this. She wasn’t supposed to wonder who would replace her some day. Immortals didn’t worry about things like that. Everything changed around them and they stayed the same. But now she was the one who was changed.

The magician had made her human. She walked the trees as she had for countless ages and imagined halls instead. Her mind wandered over tapestries of forests and fields instead of the real ones around her. She missed the soothing sting of salt water and moon-pulled seas to distract her from the press of time. She missed the smell of potatoes and hearth fires and rough hands and bad poetry.

The prince had given her all those things. He would’ve made her queen of the ends of the earth and that didn’t matter at all. He would’ve been with her and that would’ve been enough. He could’ve followed her here and lived in the woods for as long as he was able, until his hair flowed as long and white as hers. Would it be easier to bear? To have him for awhile and then watch him wither and die? Was it easier to remember him forever as young and sad-eyed and waiting for her somewhere?

His father had always wanted captive unicorns. Could she have been the prince’s? Could she have roamed his halls or his beaches, the only unicorn in the world that had chosen to stay? She could’ve stood by his throne and awed anyone who came to his bare little court. It wouldn’t have been bare for long. People would’ve flocked to see her, just as they had at the Midnight Carnival. It would’ve been lords and ladies this time.

Would that have been enough? Could she bear to be at his side and share him with the kingdom? To walk the pillars and stairwells as if they were her own forest? She would’ve made him a legend. She would’ve had to flee when he finally died because all those who admired her would want her for themselves. That would be the rest of the story.

If it hadn’t been for that butterfly, none of this would’ve happened. A few flaps of his wings and some yammering from his foolish song-filled head and he had sent her into this hurricane. She had an eternity to be torn between wanting two different things and only one most of all.


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Apr. 15th, 2017 03:03 am (UTC)
Sad and lovely.
Apr. 16th, 2017 01:57 pm (UTC)
Aw, thanks.
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