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January Themes

Starting the Year with Three of my Favorites

1. the innocent who makes cages
2. a profound sense of strangeness
3. a girl who is both death and the maiden
4. amongst the monsters I am well-hidden
5. who looks for a leaf in the forest?
6. wolves are less brave than they seem
7. I want to be in love with you but I don’t know how
8. she wakes each day a little less
9.Nothing about her is human except that she is not a wolf
10. since her fear did her no good, she ceased to be afraid
11.starved for so long of beauty
12.because she loves him, she is not afraid
13. It was not apathy. It was an intelligent disinterest
14. We all have our dreams. May we find them, and God have mercy on us when we do
15. I would strongly advise you not to advise me.
16. the power of silence
17. so beautiful, so bizarre, unsuitable and marvelous
18. borrow a new knight from another board
19. No one is ever ordinary.
20.I'm not very good at being alive.
21. A witch without love was dangerous
22. we are made out of moonlight and water
23. Happily ever after doesn’t mean happy forever.
24.To hell with human beings
25. It’s the thing that ruins you.
26. History is personal
27. strange things do happen. They happen all the time.
28. you had to look inside me to see the scar
29.Fall in love whenever you can
30. We keep the best secrets
31. Every time someone forgets, someone else disappears

1. Angela Carter, The Erl-King
2. Angela Carter, The Tiger’s Bride
3.Angela Carter, The Tiger’s Bride
4. Angela Carter, Night at the Circus
5. Angela Carter, Night at the Circus
6. Angela Carter, The Werewolf
7.Angela Carter, The Magic Toyshop
8.Angela Carter, Night at the Circus
9.Angela Carter, Wolf-Alice
10.Angela Carter, The Company of Wolves
11. Tanith Lee, Bite-Me-Not
12. Tanith Lee, Bite-Me-Not
13. Tanith Lee, Red as Blood, or Tales from the Sisters Grimmer
14. Tanith Lee, The Book of the Dead
15. Tanith Lee, The Birthgrave
16. Tanith Lee, Personal Darkness
17.Tanith Lee, Personal Darkness
18.Tanith Lee, Personal Darkness
19. Tanith Lee
20. Tanith Lee, The Silver Metal Lover
21. Alice Hoffman, Blackbird House
22. Alice Hoffman, How to Fall in Love with a Mermaid
23. Alice Hoffman, The Ice Queen
24. Alice Hoffman, The Ice Queen
25.Alice Hoffman, The Ice Queen
26. Alice Hoffman, Here on Earth
27.Alice Hoffman, Local Girls
28. Alice Hoffman, The Dovekeepers
29. Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic
30. Alice Hoffman, Incantation
31. Alice Hoffman, Incantation



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Jan. 3rd, 2017 03:20 am (UTC)
I approve of all the Alice Hoffman stuff :) ♥
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