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Title: Dragged Kicking and DREAMING
Day/Theme: June 12 - a drowsy damsel in a see-through saffron gown.
Source: The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
Character/Pairing: Wonderita, Wonderella, and Original Character
Rating: G
Notes: One of my rare non-drabbles posted to this comm.

“Aw biscuits,” said Wonderella, “here comes Dreamette!”

“Wow,” said Wonderita. “Is she a super-evil supervillain?”

“Nah, she just yaks about her dreams and won’t shut up. Take the wheel, girl, I got places to be.” She ditched that party like a used tampon.

Dreamette approached Rita, a vision in a see-through saffron gown. “Hello, child.”

“Uh, hey!” said Rita. “Did you know frogs breathe through their skin? I bet they drown when it rains, because they can’t just close their mouths to let out all the water.”

“How very interesting!” cried Dreamette. “That reminds me of a dream I once had. I was walking a tiny pink elephant in the park when I saw a frog choking a robot. I wanted to warn him that robots don’t breathe, but I got distracted by a man kissing a math textbook.”

“Was it algebra?”

“Geometry,” said Dreamette. “He tongued that book from every angle, no area left untouched. It was like something from American Pi.”

“Pardon me for being obtuse,” said Rita, “but isn’t this a tangent?”

“No, I get your point. While I was distracted, a butterfly approached me and…”


Dreamette kept rattling off details of her dream. “So the robot and frog were eating ice cream, when my elephant escaped and ran off! I searched for him, but a clown kept hounding me until I paid him to go away with my own teeth.”

Rita was hanging on every word. “Oh man, teeth dreams are the worst! I hear they’re a symbol of like, issues or something.”


“Then the man who made out with a book came back and yelled at me for destroying his record collection.”

“Wow, what a jerk,” said Rita. “Wonder what he listened to, anyway?”

“Math rock, I would guess.”

Just then, Wonderella staggered back into the ballroom. “Welp, last night was a bust. Hope you weren’t bored to death by Dreamette here.”

“Of course not!” cried Rita. “She’s amazing. Probably the most interesting person I know, next to you. Did you know, that in her dream, Ronald Reagan came up to her and…”

Wonderella rubbed her eyes. I have made a mistake, she thought.


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