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Title: Now or Never
Day/Theme: 2 - but you can hope for anything
Series: Mad Max: Fury Road
Character/Pairing: Cheedo, the Wives
Rating: PG

They all wanted this enough to risk everything for it. Except for maybe Cheedo. She knew they had wanted to do this for awhile. She knew they were doing it now because of her. As much as they all wanted to escape, the situation wasn’t ideal. They were doing it because she was finally old enough, ready enough, whatever enough that they had to act before it happened. Sometimes, she sulkily wanted to remind them that they also had to do it before Angharad's baby was born. And the Dag's. It wasn't just her. But, they were older and smarter. They were probably right.

Cheedo had heard what happened to the other wives when Joe took them. The Dag screamed and fought. Joe would need help from the Organic Mechanic or the Prime Imperator to hold her down. Toast would hiss out a list of all the things wrong with him, the blisters, the growths, how the problem with his children had to come from him. Nothing good would ever grow from such weak, wasted seed, she promised him. Sometimes she was gagged and then all they could hear were Joe’s grunts and gasps.

Capable played dead. Cheedo had heard Joe roar at her to move, to speak, to do anything. She never did, not even when he hit her. Cheedo heard that too, and wondered how he could dare. Angharad was so silent that all Cheedo could hear was the noises Joe made again. She could imagine the way Angharad looked at him though. It was the way she always looked at him, like he was the worst thing in the world, worse than hunger, worse than thirst. Cheedo couldn't have been able to bear being looked at like that.

It was that more than anything that convinced Cheedo that they were right. Angharad, so smart and beautiful and fearless, who knew so much, the favorite who should’ve exulted in her status, in her privilege and she despised it. She was everything Cheedo hoped to be someday. If she said it was wrong, it must be. If she hated it, it must be despicable. Cheedo wanted to be like them all, brave and strong and sure.

She knew they were trying to save her. She had been spoiled and she knew it. She had been raised up when she was too young to understand what was wanted of her. She knew the other wives hated what was done to them and hated Joe for doing it. And now they were escaping. It was an adventure so far, only a little uncomfortable. Down in the hold, the wives whispered.

Angharad repeated the old story about the Green Place and the Many Mothers. Cheedo saw the wild hope in her eyes. The Dag teased her about planting their babies in the green ground and growing enough new ones that even that schlanger Joe would be satisfied. Dag’s hope was more grudging, but it was there. Toast muttered about planting him in any ground at all. She knew better than to hope, but Cheedo could see the spark of it in her. Her eyes were in shadow, but her pulse was quick in her throat. She wanted this. Capable talked about what they would learn from the Many Mothers. She remembered her own mother and was sure that mothers were what the War Boys needed, what the whole world needed.

Everything would be different, be better, they were sure. Nothing could be worse. Cheedo believed them. They felt the War Rig turn off the road onto rougher ground. Angharad sucked in a breath, elation gleaming from her face, and then coughed. It was stuffy in the hold and getting hotter every moment. Cheedo looked from face to face to see if they were as nervous and sweaty as she was. They all looked wildly hopeful and even Toast had a grin. Cheedo found herself smiling too.


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Jun. 4th, 2016 06:31 am (UTC)
It was the way she always looked at him, like he was the worst thing in the world, worse than hunger, worse than thirst.
I love this, it's absolutely the way they'd think in Mad Max 'verse.

And the whole second-last paragraph delights me. Even the cynical ones hoping, and Capable remembering her mother and hoping to make the world better for everyone. These characters are so great that way.

Go Cheedo go! \o/
Jun. 5th, 2016 12:58 am (UTC)
Thanks! I figured Cheedo wouldn't remember much about life outside the Citadel, but she would remember being hungry and thirsty.
Jun. 8th, 2016 03:03 pm (UTC)
newsletter (1st week of June)
User misura referenced to your post from newsletter (1st week of June) saying: [...] (PG, Connor & Murphy) [Mad Max: Fury Road] posted Now or Never [...]
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