ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote in 31_days,
ZERO :: the Fool

[June 18] [Gundam 00] Pathways

Title: Pathways
Day/Theme: June 18, "at the end of the secret path"
Series: Gundam 00
Character/Pairing: Tieria
Rating: G

Tieria was used to a highway in his heart and mind. It ran straight over or through anything else, and it led directly to Veda, where the plan rested. In that time, he had needed no directions to anything else, no sidepaths to divert him from his purpose.

That had been another era. That had been when Celestial Being was just a group of unpleasantly flawed human beings dragged together for the sake of the plan. Before it was home.

There were parts of the vessel that would become the new Ptolemaios that had not yet been linked into the computer system. Tieria drifted in midair in one of them, his knees tucked up against his chest, and he wondered if a room knew how to feel lonely. He would never have wondered that, in the past. But there was a new path in his heart, wandering off from the broken-down main highway, and it led nowhere. The human who should have been at the end of that path was gone. It hurt to feel disconnected like that, even more than it had hurt to find his road to Veda blocked.

There was one thing that brought him comfort.

Tieria closed his eyes and imagined other paths radiating out from him, leading to Setsuna, wherever he was; to Feldt, working hard alongside him to restore Celestial Being; to Ian Vashti and his family; to Sumeragi, somewhere on Earth, whose sense of failure he could understand too well now. He was not alone on that broad and empty highway any longer.

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