ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote in 31_days,
ZERO :: the Fool

[June 17] [Macross Frontier] Upward

Title: Upward
Day/Theme: June 17, "the flight of the galaxies through space"
Series: Macross Frontier
Character/Pairing: Alto(/Sheryl/Ranka)
Rating: G

It was strange to see the stars follow a fixed path through the sky. Alto had grown up with them ever-changing. He would reach for one every night, only to find that the next night, it was gone. He'd wished fervently to fly beneath a true order of stars, then.

But now that he could, it was a little sad. Alto wasn't the sentimental type, of course, so he didn't dwell on it. But he'd been brought up to think in the metaphors of the stage even if he'd abandoned that identity, so sometimes the thought came to him: it was a shame that the stars seen from a planet with a real sky could not break free of their destiny.

Slowly, though, day by day, then year by year, as they grew used to the Vajra homeworld and its skies, he found a new and different comfort in the fixed stars swinging through the sky in their set paths. It was one he never would have imagined before.

His mind began to make pictures out of the stars. He knew that was something people did, when they had enough permanence in the sky to support it. But what made it special for him was the kind of pictures he saw.

In those stars, he saw Ranka with her mouth open to sing for the first time. He saw Sheryl poised on stage. He saw the two of them, holding hands, both hands.

Those weren't normal things to see in the sky. But Alto accepted that he wasn't normal. What he saw was only more proof that he belonged in the sky, with Sheryl and Ranka drawing him ever upward.

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