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[June 16] [Macross Frontier] Stars

Title: Stars
Day/Theme: June 16, "the universe is viewing itself in wide-angle"
Series: Macross Frontier
Character/Pairing: Sheryl and Ranka
Rating: G

The two stars of Frontier sat on the edge of a new frontier: an ordinary hill on the Vajra homeworld. Ranka had her legs dangling over a small sharp slope full of strange pebbles, but Sheryl sat neatly on her knees, conscious of how she looked to the world even now. It was something she would not get over any time soon.

But Ranka, in her own way, didn't like it when Sheryl got away with that. So she slid a hesitant glance sideways, and she asked a question. "Sheryl...what's it like when you sing?"

Sheryl still resisted. Ranka was many things to her--including, sometimes, almost, a little sister--but it was easiest to remember her as a rival. That role came to her well. "Ranka, an idol doesn't give up a secret like that," she said. "I hope you haven't, either."

"Ah!" Ranka flushed. "I haven't. I wouldn't, to anyone but you! And Alto..." She trailed off, blushing even more, looking away. "But there are some things I'm not supposed to talk about with him, right?"

Sheryl looked at her. They sat in that awkward silence for a while longer, and then Sheryl unfolded her legs and let them dangle next to Ranka's. "It's like being a very bright star surrounded by so many planets," she said. "Is it different for you?"

"I think so," Ranka said, but she didn't say how. Sheryl approved. Ranka should learn how to keep secrets. She wasn't expecting what Ranka asked next, though. "Isn't that lonely? Being the only star."

Sheryl's throat closed up. She looked away.


The onset of old sadness didn't last long. When Sheryl turned back to Ranka, she was smiling. "It was, once," she said. "But now I can see other stars."

"Other stars?"

"If you can't see what I mean," Sheryl said, "you're not a star at all!"

This time, when Ranka blushed, Sheryl laughed, but it wasn't without kindness.

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