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[June 15] [Gurren Lagann] Something New

Title: Something New
Day/Theme: June 15, "evolution's auto-pilot"
Series: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Character/Pairing: Yoko and Simon
Rating: G

When Yoko became the principal, she hired a new gardener for the school. Nobody knew who he was. He was just a man in a cloak who insisted on digging with a drill and not a shovel. A small molepig accompanied him. He was nothing special to the students.

"Does it bother you?" Yoko asked him as she stood over a patch of dirt he was digging up. "I mean, nobody even knows your name."

Simon smiled and just kept digging.

"I guess I should know better than to ask that," she said. "Nothing bothers you these days."

"Mostly," Simon said. "But it bothers me when the plants get trampled before they've had a chance to grow flowers. They should all get a chance, even if it doesn't last long."

"I'll tell the kids to be a little less rough," she said.

"Thanks, Yoko," he said. "But don't stop them. Let them learn to appreciate the flowers themselves." He patted down some dirt. "Eventually," he said, "there's going to be a new kind of flower."

"Really?" Yoko said. "I'd like to see it."

"You will," Simon said. "It's just something that happens where I plant things. They grow and turn into something new. That's why I want them all to get a chance. I don't know which one is going to be the first that's new and different."

Yoko fell silent for a moment. She studied Simon's unwashed and callused hands, the dirt in the lines of his palms, and she wondered how many living things were in that dirt alone, and how many of them were new, because Simon was the one who had touched them. But she had a feeling about something. "What happens when the new flowers start showing up?"

"Then I've got to leave," Simon said. "I can't stay in one garden for very long. Other places have other things I can do. I might dig wells."

"That'll give people water," Yoko said. "That's necessary, too."

Simon nodded. "And maybe..."

Yoko thought for a moment, then finished for him. "And maybe it'll help them grow into something new, too."

"Yeah," Simon said. He finished planting the last of the seeds, set down his drill, and smoothed over the dirt with his hands alone.

Yoko thought of all the things those hands had done and still had yet to do, and she smiled.

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