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[June 14] [Toward the Terra] Clouded

Title: Clouded
Day/Theme: June 14, "through the mist, above the mist"
Series: Toward the Terra
Character/Pairing: Blue
Rating: G

Nobody went out onto the hull of the Shangri-La while it was hidden in the clouds. If they absolutely had to, they went with a shield formed around them to keep the dampness away. Mu were delicate, and spending too long in the chilly mist was a risk they knew they shouldn't take.

But right now, perhaps the most delicate Mu of all sat atop the ship with no shield, his pale skin and fragile body exposed to the elements. Soldier Blue had not told anyone where he was going; they would have stopped him. But if something were to happen, he knew he could trust Physis to bring him back before it began.

He hadn't needed to ask Physis to know that this was the last time he would sit here, shrouded in the mist, watching over his people from atop their world. His body was failing him. He only needed one last burst of strength now, just enough to rescue his heir and bring him here.

"Jomy Marcus Shin," he murmured. The clouds swallowed up his words. "Will you feel the white mist of Terra on your skin someday? You have to. For the sake of our people. We must rise above these clouds."

There was no answer from the fog. It continued to hide the Mu and trap them. But not for much longer. Blue could feel it in every weary bone in his body.

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