ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote in 31_days,
ZERO :: the Fool

[June 5] [Original] Fantastic (prequel)

Title: Fantastic (prequel)
Day/Theme: June 5, "conjuring oneself out of zilch"
Series: Original (two of two)
Character/Pairing: None.
Rating: PG

The sun was already low over the Mediterranean when Dr. Ruben performed the first practical demonstration of what would come to be known as the Ruben effect. It was the precursor of everything that would lead to the creation of the Ruben effect vacuum entanglement or Reve engine. Dr. Tal Eilat recounted it later in his memoirs, God in the Particles:

It was Friday afternoon, and I was ready to go home for the Sabbath when Ruben burst out of the laboratory, waving her arms. I started to tell her that I couldn't help her with any new experiments.

"No, no," she said. "It's done. Well, it's begun!"

"What is?" I asked, because I couldn't fathom that she'd made her latest project work.

But she had. "The problem wasn't transporting the particles," she said, still moving her hands as she talked, as she did. "Jayaraman did the maths to prove that was possible with entanglement years ago. The problem was making sure they stayed together after transportation. Particles are always bubbling up from the vacuum, Tal, it's nothing special, just the Casimir effect in another form."

"I know," I said, impatient to be going, uninterested in a lecture in basic quantum physics. "Researching quantum buoyancy is why I'm here. And now I'm going to leave, so--"

She took hold of me by the arm and pulled me into her lab, where she pointed at a small plant. "That was on the other side of the room two minutes ago!"

"So you carried it," I said, but she hadn't. In her excitement to prove that this effect could be used on living matter, she'd used it as the subject in her tests of teleportation via the Casimir effect and distant entanglement. That was the first practical application of the Ruben effect, which would become the basis for all faster-than-light travel...

Before I left, something about the way she was looking at the plant made me hesitate, even though the sun had nearly set and I would have little time to drive. She said, "Tal, we can make ourselves out of nothing now. What else might be learning from our example?"

When contacted for comment, Zivah Ruben firmly denied that she had said any such thing. "I had just grasped the possibility of transmitting classical life through the zero point of the vacuum," she responded. "The idea that there could be quantum life waiting to coalesce once we showed it how would never have occurred to me. It violated all known principles of science at the time."

Only a few publications included the rest of her words on the matter. "The context of it," she said, "is also a misinterpretation of my entire worldview. He makes me out to be fearful of what I have unleashed. But I still believe we can learn to communicate with the phantasms."
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