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[June 3] [Toward the Terra] Ask the Stars

Title: Ask the Stars
Day/Theme: June 3, "the heavens still keep their secrets"
Series: Toward the Terra
Character/Pairing: Physis, before and after everything. A dash of Blue/Physis.
Rating: G

There was no sun in the Shangri-La; it was buried in the clouds and contained in its own world. But Physis could feel warmth on her skin all the same. It was the combined thoughts of all the Mu who sought to protect their home and each other. It was Blue's hand in hers.

"Soldier Blue," she said. "Are you certain?"

"Yes," he said. "I'll seek Terra."

* * *

Physis could no longer feel the thoughts of the Mu around her as she walked through the grounds of the Shangri-La. She wondered if that was a good thing. In the aftermath of all they had been through, there would be so much sorrow in those thoughts. They had lost so much, first at Nazca and now here at Terra. What had they gained in return?

"A future," she whispered. "We've gained a future, haven't we, Blue?"

She had given up her visions of the future to regain her past. It had been worth it, not because of the sad truths it had told her about herself, but because of the memories of Blue it gave her. But now they had all given up their past for the sake of a future.

She turned her face up and thought of the stars they had come from, the stars Blue had spent all his life among. "Was it worth it?"

No one answered her. She was alone. She would have to remember all that had come before, so that those who came after her had the story and could decide for themselves whether it was worth it.

* * *

"Then I'll be with you," Physis said. "When you need to rest, rest in my arms."

"No," Blue said. She could hear the urgency in his voice. "There's no time to rest. We have to reach Terra."

"Please," she said.

She sensed him relent beside her. "But if I could rest, my goddess, it would be in your arms."

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