incandescens (incandescens) wrote in 31_days,

[January 28th] [Saiyuki] stranger in a strange land

Title: stranger in a strange land
Day/Theme: 28th January / but what can you do when you have to deal with people?
Series: Saiyuki (Gaiden)
Character/Pairing: Goujun
Rating: G

The Dragon King of the Western Ocean endures Heaven as one endures a purge, or a mortification of the flesh, or a long day so full of dullness that all matters of interest are impossible. Day by day wheels by outside his window, and the open sky and sea are as distant as earth itself.

It is a duty. One does not expect duties to be particularly pleasant. One performs them without complaint.

Even if one must constantly associate with kami.

Even if one would far rather be talking to one's brothers, one's uncles, one's courtiers -- other dragons. Real people.
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