Suzume (seta_suzume) wrote in 31_days,

[Dec. 24, 2007][Vagrant Story] Melee

Title: Melee
Day/Theme: Dec. 24, 2007 "All senses busy, come back for attention later"
Series: Vagrant Story
Character/Pairing: Ashley
Rating: PG
I just bought this game on Thursday. ^^;

Ashley swung Fandango swiftly through the air to strike down the pesky red bats diving toward his bare neck and arms. The sword swished and the troublesome creatures squeaked out high-pitched sounds that stung his ears. He could taste blood and rust as he licked his chapped lips. These catacombs seemed as endless as the constant stream of monsters that assailed him from every side. Just when he thought he had cleaned out every last goblin leader, mummy, and slime, there was another one to take its place.

Despite the sweat dripping from his dirt-smudged, gritty face, Ashley's grip on the hilt of his weapon of choice did not falter. The thick, musty scent of ancient bodies stowed in the crevices in the walls did not bother him as much as the yellow eyes that glared at him out of the dark corners before leaping forward at him. The weak light revealed the attacker to be a black wolf-like beast aiming for his jugular.

He dispatched it with a smooth series of blows to the stomach, hand, and neck. There was barely a moment to apply some of the most basic first aid to the wound on his left arm before he was forced to deal with some slow-moving skeleton knights he had been putting off until the more immediate threats to his safety were dealt with.

The skin on his arm itched irritatingly where it had been newly mended. One skeleton's spear clanged noisily against his shield. He fended the blade away and sliced the undead's arm from its body. Taking these foes apart seemed to be the quickest way to defeat them, so he stuck with that strategy.

When he was alone at last, Ashley opened the treasure chest on the ledge that had caught his eye when he first entered the room. He sat down on a wooden crate to examine the things he'd found: a few vera roots, a battered targe, and a yellowed grimoire. Pleased with the spoils, Ashley tucked them away for use when he found himself in another tight jam, which would undoubtedly be soon.
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