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a day-by-day themed writing challenge
Welcome to 31_days :) This is a fic theme community similar to 52_flavours or 30_kisses; the only difference is that each theme corresponds to a specific day of the month and participants will have to follow this theme/day calendar when posting their submissions. jantalaimon did something like this with her Drabble-A-Day challenge last year; this is sort of the expanded fandom edition.

February themes

1. I know your secret delight in vice
2. Whatever I have is yours and it's right here
3. Under the shadow of a precipice
4. I pulled the heart out of the night
5. And they'll say that you're so sick, boy, but you're only sick of love
6. The path to love leads through the garden of sin
7. You must know that a jealous heart will always trap the light
8. I know a thing about lovers, lovers lie down in trust
9. Erase your name from my lips as we kiss
10. I'll never fade out cause I'm already gone
11. Nailed to the source and it won't let go
12. You came out of the world to me, my life parted like the Red Sea
13. A bitter star will follow you, an empty sky will swallow you
14. Didn't know a heart could be tied up and held for ransom
15. Happiness don't make you happy, joy don't make you glad
16. Separated by a thin white veil of skin and unmade love
17. Seven worlds will collide whenever I'm by your side
18. Dreaming of an ocean like a meadow
19. See the after-image of my outline
20. This blade here is my best friend
21. The rim of her mouth was golden, her eyes were just desert sand
22. The hour is getting darker, the night's gone to my head
23. Our first goodbye always seems like hours
24. My fingers are cold, won't you please take me home?
25. I'm out of my depth in an ocean of you
26. Different colors for different roads
27. My head, my heart, my soul is on fire
28. We thought that our pleasure would always remain


1. To reiterate -- you can only post fic for a theme on the day where that theme falls. For example, you'd like to write a fic based on the theme "This red, red moon," which falls on August 22. Even if you've finished your fic days or weeks beforehand, you'll have to wait till the 22nd before you post it.

2. Late entries can be posted on the end of the month. Put [Amnesty] in the subject.

3. No bulk posts, please. Let's say that you plan to write a continuous fic based on Themes 1-7, and you can do that; nevertheless, you'll still have to post each part/theme separately, following the calendar. Only one theme per day.

4. There are no sign-ups. You are free to choose any character or pairing you want. You also don't have to choose just one character or one pairing. If you'd like to write 31 different characters for all 31 days of the month, you can pick and switch as you will, depending on which theme you feel suits a particular series (aside from any other personal consideration). You don't have to inform the mod as well, it's all up to you.

5. That being said, you don't have to write for the entire 31 days, just whenever you can. Being a member of the community also does not automatically oblige you to participate if you don't want to. However, please note that you cannot post to the community if you are not a member even if you've added the comm to your flist.

6. Genre is an open choice.

7. Ratings may range from G to NC-17 as long as you label your fics properly. Please consult posting format below.

8. Fan art contributions and original fiction are also welcome.

9. The final day of each month is "Amnesty Day". On this day you can post fics for any of that month's prompts. The rules for Amnesty Day are somewhat strict, and can be found here. Posts that break these rules may be given a two-hour warning before being deleted, at the discretion of the Mod.

Posting Format

Subject line of your entry: [Date] [Series] Fic Title

On the entry itself:


Please post all fics under lj-cut.



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Questions and suggestions? Please post in this discussion thread.

Thank you!

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