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April Themes

A preponderance of quotes from my latest k-drama obsession, a few poems and random lines.

1. Strange, that some of us with quick attentive vision, see beyond our infatuation
2. "If you believe in the invisible deity, why can't you believe in the desperation of humans?"
3. There is nobody left to forgive us.
4. "No one wants the small stories."
5. "Inside her heart, the innermost chamber was lined with frost."
6. "There is no sorrow that lasts a thousand years."
7. "There is no love that lasts a thousand years."
8. "Did you forget I can hear your thoughts?"
9. "You have the same book you had nine years ago."
10. "All God does is ask questions."
11. "I've even given you a chance to die."
12. "Fate is the question that I throw out."
13. "My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice."
14. She didn't want a world of trees and she didn't want a world of stones.
15. "Where does the road end and the beach begin?"
16. "She grows grasshoppers quicker than flowers."
17. "the old house was like a shell"
18. "dreams are here before you sleep"
19. "a shipwreck is a tall shore of humanity"
20. "the wind blew vast rings of shadow"
21. "They leave a ruin; and they meet / A ruin in return"
22. "Find the child and we'll all be free."
23. There were the smeared plates, and the empty wine glasses.
24. "Does a man with a harpoon go hungry?"
25. "I think your personal assistant is the dragon"
26. "Not so many people are half-reptile"
27. Outside, the fairies waited.
28. Near-fluorescent green fields, smeared with rain
29. "My face looks like this all the time!"
30. Their wings were unrelieved black.

1. Middlemarch
2, 6-12 Goblin: The Lonely and Great God (Korean drama, 2016-2017)
3. Monument Valley (Game)
4-5, 30 Summer in Orcus, T. Kingfisher
13, 22 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
14. Margaret Mahy, "The House of Coloured Windows"
15. Arthur Yap, "Public Park"
16. Arthur Yap, "some friends"
17. Arthur Yap, "almost still-life"
18. Arthur Yap, "old house at ang siang hill"
19. Arthur Yap, "shipwreck"
20, 23 Virginia Woolf, The Years
21. Willie Soutar, "Revelation"
24. Anne Carson, An Autobiography of Red
25-26 Zen Cho, "Prudence and the Dragon"
27-29 Zen Cho, "One-Day Travelcard for Fairyland"


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