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Title: The Good, The Bad, and The Worst
Day/Theme: June 13, 2014 - You can't unclench your teeth to howl the way you should
Series: Teen Wolf
Character/Pairing: Lydia Martin, Allison Argent, Scott McCall

July Themes

Hello all, how about another month of themes?

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[June 9] [Free!] Hydration

Title: Hydration
Day/Theme: June 9 - there is thunder in our hearts
Series: Free!
Character/Pairing: Haru, Makoto, Rin
A/N: The ending needs a little work. :/ I can’t quite figure out what’s missing. This takes place pre-series, mostly.
Anyways, this is inspired by Bombshell’s and Aqua girl’s conversation in Teen Titans. :D
Summary: He’s been drowning for years.
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Title: Mission Accomplished
Day/Theme: June 2 - in an army's strength, therein lies the denouement
Series: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Character/Pairing: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes
Notes: spoilers

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[June 1st] [Original] Skeletons

Title: Skeletons
Prompt: June 1st, "The truth lies in between the first and fortieth drink"
Project: Original
Wordcount: 240
Summary: There's no poetry when she's drunk.

(even the piles of ash scattered on the floor become syllables, in her hands)

[May 31] [Pacific Rim] Chances

Title: Chances
Day/Theme: 31. toska (the anguish, ache, and yearning of the soul)
Series: Pacific Rim
Character/Pairing: Hermann/Newt, Hansen, Mako, Raleigh
Rating: part 31 of 31, finally finished!

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[May 30] [Pacific Rim] Brawl

Title: Brawl
Day/Theme: 30. sisu (determination, tenacity, resilience, perseverance, stoic toughness)
Series: Pacific Rim
Character/Pairing: Hermann/Newt
Rating: part 30 of 31, violence, carnage

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[May 29] [Pacific Rim] Belonging

Title: Belonging
Day/Theme: 29. guanxi (goodwill built up and used with gifts and favors)
Series: Pacific Rim
Character/Pairing: Hansen, Hermann/Newt
Rating: part 29 of 31, pre-slashiness, some smooches,

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[May 28] [Pacific Rim] Off the Map

Title: Off the Map
Day/Theme: 28. dépaysement (the feeling from not being in one's home country)
Series: Pacific Rim
Character/Pairing: Hansen, Mako, Hermann/Newt
Rating: part 28 of 31

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[May 27] [Pacific Rim] Standoff

Title: Standoff
Day/Theme: 27. goya (the as-if, transporting suspension of belief one feels from good storytelling)
Series: Pacific Rim
Character/Pairing: Hermann/Newt, Herc Hansen, other pilots
Rating: part 27 of 31

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