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[24-Jul-2015] [RWBY] Half-Baked Alaska

Title: Half-Baked Alaska
Challenge: 24-Jul-2015 "it’s so clear that the two of you, on some level, belong together"
Based on: RWBY
Characters: Yang Xiao Long, Neo
Type: Humor; ~3500 words
Warnings: trash-shipping (duh), borderline fourth-wall breaking, a somewhat OOC Blake, and weird adult humor.

This takes place some time after Yang and Neo fought on the train in v2e11. Yang is at least 18YO by this time. I imagined Neo to be in her mid-twenties.

RWBY © Rooster Teeth.

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Title: Turn The Page (maybe we'll find a brand new ending)
Day/Theme: July 1 - "I sing, but not of love, for love is blind; but celebrate instead the muse of kindness."
Series: Chronicle
Character/Pairing: Steve Montgomery, Steve Montgomery/Andrew Detmer
Rating: G

I sing, but not of love, for love is blind; but celebrate instead the muse of kindness.Collapse )
Title: False Legends
Day/Theme: June 29th - We could be a story in the morning, but we'll be a legend tonight.
Series: Once Upon a Time
Character/Pairing: Rumbelle, David
Rating: K/G

Continuing my alternate 3B ideas.

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July 2015 Themes

This month's themes are mostly from literature, and then mostly from Terry Pratchett, but I couldn't resist adding a few favourites from other sources as well. Hope you guys are inspired by them!

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Title: Alternate Endings
Day/Theme: June 23rd - Sorrow is just all the rage nowadays.
Series: Once Upon a Time
Character/Pairing: Rumbelle
Rating: K/G

Takes place in my alternate 3B vignette series, and this one fully deconstructs "canon" from 3B onward, thanks to an idea from rose_of_pollux.

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[June 17] [THG] What About Finnick?

Title: What About Finnick?
Day/Theme: June 17, 2015 "She found a boy she knew she’d change."
Series: Hunger Games series
Character/Pairing: Annie, Finnick, D4 OCs
Rating: PG
Author's comment: In continuity with my other things on this topic- how Finnick became Annie's mentor.
Since that"s the set-up I went with.Collapse )

June Themes

Hi guys! Sorry for the late post, it's my 1st time doing themes for this community and I did not remember the posting date :( But anyway, hope you guys are inspired by these themes.

June 2015 Themes:
1. Authority carries the weight of an age pressing down on life.
2. Falsehood is so easy, truth so difficult.
3. You have every right to think that, but that’s just your point of view.
4. Words mean more than what is set down on paper.
5. Life is cosmically unfair, but determination still helps.
6. Humankind cannot bear much reality.
7. I don’t think helping everyone is more important than loving one person.
8. I may be small, but so are stars from a distance.
9. as beautiful as poetry taken out of context
10. My guilt is reflected in the sorrow of your eyes.
11. Show me some tricks and then we’ll open up the sea.
12. And I'll explode into the sky and meet the sun to place you with the stars.
13. It's better to leave than to be replaced.
14. Take these broken wings and fly from the heart you stole.
15. A heartless lullaby kills my dreams.
16. Amid the conspiracies and lies, I carry this clumsy love.
17. She found a boy she knew she’d change.
18. Accept the darkness and the morning would come again.
19. I’ll give you all my love so I can watch your face as I take it all away.
20. It’s not a crime until you get caught.
21. You said not to call unless I’m dying.
22. The person that you’d take a bullet for is the one pulling the trigger.
23. Sorrow is just all the rage nowadays.
24. I met you in a corner of the world.
25. I wonder if one day I’ll forget your name, like I’ve forgotten your face.
26. I pretend not to see the scars you hide beneath your toughness.
27. They say it’s blind, they say it waits, but it’ll seal your fate.
28. safe little thoughts to keep you safe.
29. We could be a story in the morning, but we’ll be a legend tonight.
30. I'm 93 million miles from the sun, and even more than that from you.


Title: A World Without Magic
Day/Theme: May 13th - if this fool's escapade can be called a labor of love, then love is surely this: your hand, towards him, forever outstretched.
Series: Once Upon a Time
Character/Pairing: Rumbelle
Rating: K/G

Continuing from that season 3B AU vignette series I was working on a few months ago....

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[May 8] [Strange Magic] Must Be Nice

Title: Must Be Nice
Day/Theme: 8. There are people who have the capacity to love without living in terror of loss
Series: Strange Magic
Character/Pairing: Marianne/Bog King, Sunny/Dawn
Rating: G

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[MAY 3] [The Last Unicorn] Only One

Title: Only One
Day/Theme: 3. He thought of cathedrals, how the old ones were motionless and mute, like the inside of a sarcophagus, and how the new ones vaulted and soared to the skies, scraping sunlight and stardust.
Series: The Last Unicorn
Character/Pairing: Lir
Rating: G

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